Wireless Sport Bluetooth Headsets Sports Neck-mounted Headset SP

Product Description


The Bluetooth headset uses large dynamic coils, 14mm speakers and carbon fiber composite film, stable low-frequency transmission, clear mid-to-high frequency, high sound quality, accurate music rhythm transmission, AEC/NR noise reduction and elimination technology, filter background noise, lossless sound quality and professional tone . This bluetooth neckband headset is suitable for calls, music and rock.

The 360° soft neck curve skin design, light and portable, comfortable and beautiful, so that your shoulders and necks are unburdened. This Bluetooth headset will not fall during high-intensity exercise, keep your ears away from heavy burdens, and feel comfortable all day long.

It uses the latest chip and Bluetooth 5.0 core technology. The neckband of the Bluetooth headset has Bluetooth long-distance wireless transmission function, strong anti-interference ability, more stable signal, and no delay. Users can enjoy wireless music. Upscale. Compatible with tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs and mobile phones.

The Bluetooth headset has a 800 MAH battery, which can play for nearly 100 hours after being fully charged, which is equivalent to playing about 300 songs. A full charge only takes 3 to 4 hours. No need to worry about battery power consumption, suitable for business travel, travel, office, fitness, subway, video, telephone, etc.

IPX3 waterproof test, when you are not listening to music, the magnetic earbuds of the Bluetooth headset will automatically stick together to prevent entanglement, sliding and loss


Bluetooth version: 5.0

Sensitivity: 101.7dB±3dB

Signal to noise ratio: 95dB

Battery capacity: 800 mAh

Weight: 108 g/0.2 lb

Headphone charging current: 5V=1A

Play time: about 80-100 hours

Ear cord length: 200 mm/0.7 inch

Size: 21*14*4.5 cm/0.7*0.5*0.1 inch

Products include

1 x data cable

2 x earplugs

1 x charger case

1 x earphone


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