3D Glass for DLP 3D Projector UFO U50 P12 R19 DLP-Link Active Shutter

Product Description


DLP Active Shutter 3D Glasses for DLP 3D Projector UFO U90 U70 U50 U30 R19 R15 P12

Delivers a true 3D experience – For watching your favorite movies in a new way.

• Don’t support TV 3D

• Built-in high capacity rechargeable battery

• Auto power off function, energy efficiency.

• Rechargeable, Micro-USB, more convenient.

• User-friendly electronic circuit design,

• One single button, easy operation.

• Cool appearance, light design, comfortable to wear without dizziness.

• High-speed response of high-quality liquid crystal lenses, prevent from eye strain.

• The appearance of innovative treatment process, to eliminate electromagnetic interference.

• The frame using ABS + PC material, low energy, low carbon and environmental protection.

• High permeability rate of perfect quality, no flash smelting, no blur.

• With auto Power-off function, stability, energy-efficient

• Low-power self-detected function, low battery LED flashes to prompt the user when battery is low.
Technical specifications
• Charge time :2-3hours
• Continuous use :50hours one time
• Field frequency: 96Hz-144Hz
• Transmittance:38%±2%
• Don’t support TV 3D

This is DLP-LINK shutter 3D glasses, only supports DLP projector, not suitable for TV. Do not use it for other equipment.
Steps for usage:
1. Fully charged glasses
2. Use the projector to play 3D film sources, common 3D film source formats: left and right format, top and bottom format, Blu-ray 3D.
2. Press the “button” on the 3D glasses once to turn on the 3D glasses.
3. According to the angle of view of the movie, press the “button” on the 3D glasses to switch the left and right angles of view, each time you press it to switch.